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Shanghai Clirik “after sales service" lay the cornerstone of the mining machinery industry


Mining machinery industry for nearly two years is in the golden period of development, industry technical forums, exhibitions, fairs, etc. have been successfully held for the development of domestic sand and grinding mill industry has brought great opportunities. At the same time, the domestic grinding mill, gravel making machine suppliers gradually increase, inter-industry competition is fierce; the most provocative question is on the "after-sales service".


Mining tailings waste in resources is more serious, it would exacerbate the deterioration of the environment, to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, the best way is to choose a good quality gravel machinery and equipment, full use of mineral resources and reduce the loss of resources. Followed by "after sales” service has become the most concern investors.


It is understood that many aggregates production companies in the machinery and equipment use, the most frequent trouble is installed in the device during use, testing, maintenance, spare parts replacement. If the production process, machinery and equipment manufacturers can not be sent resolved, it will bring unexpected losses. Time costs, labor costs, production costs, and so will give enterprises a great deal of pressure. Any part of a problem, will seriously affect the production efficiency.


There is a problem in pre-install and use more people can not do nothing. In the production process, can not avoid the problem machine, parts need to be replaced, but many manufacturers in the pre talked about a good after-sales service provisions are difficult to achieve, after-sales slow severely affect efficiency.


Shanghai Clirik "after sales service" lay the cornerstone of the mining machinery industry, quality and after-sales is our advantage.


First, look at Shanghai Clirik accessories showroom. Crushing and screening equipment, accessories, industrial grinding mill parts, industrial sand accessories on showing and for sale. All using the most advanced wear-resistant materials, complete model specifications, to ensure timely supply of the quantity. Secondly, it will be free for customers planning site, design and installation of basic diagrams and flow diagrams, provide the most professional and technical training, and professional and technical personnel on-site supervision of installation and commissioning of equipment. Professional installation engineers, 24-hour telephone feedback scheme, 48-hour on-site processing, won wide acclaim from customers.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery, the best grinding mill supplier in China, various grinding mill for sale!

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