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How to prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil used in Raymond mill?


The Raymond mill for stone powder grinding is a machine with many parts. During the use of the Raymond ore machine, every part should be lubricated. But pay attention to the deterioration of the lubricating oil of the Raymond mill, then how to prevent the deterioration of the lubricating oil of the Raymond mill?

Raymond mill
Raymond Mill

1. Prevent excessive temperature

In the high temperature weather, when the ore mill is used to process the material, it will cause the oxidation mark of the lubricant in the production, which will accelerate the volatilization of the lubricant cost, which will cause the lubricant to thicken and affect the normal operation of the equipment. produce. For this phenomenon, we should change the lubricant regularly. At the same time, when the ore mill is running, the temperature of the equipment is too high, which causes the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil to decrease. At this time, it is necessary to find the root cause of the equipment heating and solve it.

2. Avoid too low temperature

In low temperature weather, ordinary lubricating oil will become more viscous as the temperature decreases, and ultimately affect the lubricating effect of the ore Raymond machine. Therefore, when the temperature is low, the lubricating oil purchased by the user should be an anti-freezing lubricating oil.

3. Prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil

When the ore Raymond oil is used for a period of time, some dirt will be deposited, and these dirt directly affect the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and increase the friction between the components, resulting in a decrease in the effect of the lubricating oil. Therefore, in the process of replacing the lubricating oil, CLIRIK reminds everyone that we must pay attention to cleaning, prevent lubricating oil pollution, and do a good job of sealing and sealing the bearings.

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