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How much is a set of 325 mesh powder grinding mill?


325 mesh, which is 43 microns. The powder above 325 mesh is called superfine powder or ultrafine powder.  With the industry's requirements for powder fineness, ultrafine mills, vertical mills, and three-ring medium-speed micro powder mills have emerged. The production fineness reaches 325 meshes. It is recommended that you use a three-ring medium-speed mill. The processing fineness can be adjusted freely between 325 mesh and 3000 mesh. How much is such a three-ring medium-speed micro powder mill? 

How much is a three-ring medium-speed micro powder mill?

three-ring medium-speed micro powder mill
Three-ring Medium-speed Micro Powder Mill

How much is a three-ring micro powder mill? This can't give you an accurate fixed number. You must know that the same set of equipment will have different prices for different models. The preferential policies for different manufacturers’ brands and different shopping periods are also different, so the specific market Sanhuan Super For the price of fine powder, please consult the specific mill manufacturer in detail. However, I need to remind users that when purchasing equipment, the price is only a reference. The important thing is the performance and quality of the equipment. You must not make a small mistake and fall into the low-price trap of a bad business. This will definitely outweigh the gain.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale local milling equipment manufacturer in Shanghai. The prices given by it for the three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mill are all factory prices. In addition, it still uses the integrated “online and offline” The production and sales model allows users to purchase on-site workshops, while at the same time enabling them to enjoy value-added online preferential policies. Therefore, the price of Clirik three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding mill is more favorable and reliable compared to others.

If you want to get the specific quotation of the three-ring medium-speed micro powder mill, you can consult our customer service staff online, or leave your contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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